Tar & Gravel Roofing in Denver, CO


Tar & Gravel

A tar and gravel roof is just as the name suggests. It uses tar to build up layers and is finished with an aesthetically appealing gravel top. At MB2, we’re experts in gravel roofs and are ready to install one on your Denver property. Whether you have a commercial building or interested to get the retro look this roof type has to your home, our team of experts will perform exceptional installation or replacement on your roof. Come to us for all your roofing needs in Denver.

Understanding How Denver Tar and Gravel Roofing Works

Like other low slope roofs, the process of tar and gravel takes several layers to build up an effective barrier that protects your Denver property. During installation, our specialists overlap tar with asphalt based sheets or roofing felt and place light colored gravel over the top. This helps to weigh down the material while preventing sun damage. When you need a new roof, our experts will work with you during our free consultation to help decide if tar and gravel is the right option for your Denver property.

Caring For Denver’s Roofing Needs

When you choose MB2 for your low slope roof project, you can depend on us to do it with some of the highest standards in Denver. We’re proud to offer more than just top-notch roofing services that combine honesty and integrity with world-class results so can you get a new Denver roof you can trust in. Our team has decades of experience and is always staying up to date with industry advances in order to bring some of the finest installation and repair.

Choosing a High-Quality Solution for Your Low Slope Roof in Denver

If you’re wondering why you should choose tar and gravel for your roof, there are a variety of benefits that come with it. Many people in Denver prefer tar and gravel roofs because they suit a range of budgets and when properly installed can hold up for more than 20 years, reducing your chances of having to pay for an expensive replacement. The layer of gravel also helps to keep your Denver property cool during the warm season which reduces energy costs and is fire resistant. Let our team install tar and gravel on your low-slope roof system.


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MB²’s leadership team— Mark, Britta and Scott— have over 20 years of roofing and business experience. Mark’s extensive masonry experience and business operations knowledge, Britta’s impressive financial background, and Scott’s advanced knowledge of the roofing industry make the ideal roofing team to help your Denver property look and feel its best. Our gravel roof, masonry, and general construction knowledge paired with your planned or in-progress project can thoroughly improve your home or business. Call us for a free roofing estimate today!

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