Acrylic & Silicone Roof Coatings in Denver, CO


Silicone & Acrylic Coatings

The wide range of roof coatings might have you feel lost, but our team at MB2 has your back. We offer two different types of roof coatings, silicone and acrylic, and work directly with you to find the right option for your Denver property. We’ll help you understand the differences and factor in your needs so you can get the coating your low slope roof requires. Once we’ve settled on the type of coating you can feel confident that our Denver contractors will expertly apply your choice with high-quality methods. Protect your roof with our coating solutions.

Long-lasting Acrylic Roof Coating in Denver

With a water-based formula creating lower toxicity, there are plenty of reasons to go with an acrylic coating for your Denver roof. This type of coating is known for keeping its reflective quality, even after years of wear and the versatile formula makes it easy to reapply whenever needed. It also gives off less of an odor than other coatings while drying, making it ideal for your Denver business, public building or home when you don’t want to deal with the smell.

Choosing Silicone Roof Coating for Your Denver Property

If you’re in the market for a tough coating, go with silicone. Thicker than average coatings, silicone sometimes only needs one layer in order to be effective and can hold up against ponding water better than its counterparts. It can also handle the fluctuating weather we experience in Denver. Our silicone option will be able to withstand erosion so the coating won’t become hard and brittle over time. Find out if a silicone coating can work for your Denver roof with our expert roofers.

How to Know Which Coating is Best for Your Denver Roof

When it comes to choosing your Denver roof’s coating, it’s good to understand the similarities and differences. While our knowledgeable roofers will recommend a coating based on your property, here is how the two compare. Silicone roof coating dries significantly faster in all types of weather, where acrylic needs warm temperatures and takes longer to cure. On the other hand, acrylic roof coating tends to be less expensive and might be worth the wait if you have budget restrictions. Since acrylic is water based, it’s thinner than and requires more coats. Come to us for all the details on what coating you should use on Denver low slope roof.


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