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Here at MB2, we specialize in all varieties of low slope roofing, including built-up roofing, commonly referred to as BUR. This type of system is frequently used on Denver buildings but can be preferred on homes as well. The multi-layered membrane creates a strong seal for your Denver property and the extended life. Plus, the low maintenance system is easy to repair, so you won’t experience the costly services that other systems require. Our BUR systems add layers of a material called bitumen that is similar to asphalt coupled with ply sheets in order to provide a tough and insulating surface. If you’re interested in a built-up roofing system, let our Denver team come out for a free consolation.

Get a BUR Roofing System for Your Denver Property

The built-up roofing system has experienced more than 100 years of popularity in the roofing industry and for good reason. The waterproofing properties make it an ideal way to protect against leaks. Since a BUR roof uses several layers without the need for joints it can make an effective solution for your Denver property. This roofing system also reflects ultraviolet rays for even more protection to your building or home and can last up to 40 years when properly installed by our experts.

Safe, Reliable Services Available in Denver

Every built-up roof we install comes with our commitment to safe and honest business practices. When we come to install a new roof for your property in Denver, we work directly with you to determine you’re getting the right roof for your needs, instead of trying to sell on what we want. We’re proud of the integrity we’ve brought to every installation and our team strives to do the best we possibly can for you. That’s why we’ll partner with your insurance company if necessary to make sure your new Denver roof is covered.

Denver’s Superior Low Slope Roof Options

When you decide to go with our BUR system for your low slope roof in Denver, you can rest easy knowing our thorough attention to detail will get the job done correctly so you won’t experience any avoidable complications down the road. Because of the dangerous fumes, BUR roofing systems create during installation we carefully place the layers using some of the safest techniques and equipment in the industry and you can rely on our team to give you a top-notch roof in Denver.


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