My Roof Wasn’t Damaged by the Hail Because It’s New!

This is one of the most interesting/incorrect statements I hear homeowners making right now.

I say interesting only because I am not sure how this makes sense to anyone. Even to the people I hear saying it. I usually wonder, “How old does a roof need to be to be damaged by hail? And, is there any reason the new roofs aren’t telling cars about the deal they worked out with hail?” I have purchased brand new vehicles which have been damaged by hailstorms. Is it possible the hail just doesn’t know they are new?

All joking aside, this is the most incorrect theory in the roofing industry. A brand-new, one day old, newborn baby roof, is 100% equally susceptible to hail damage as a 18 year old adult roof. Truth be told, the hail just doesn’t ask, and doesn’t care, how old your roof is.

It is your responsibility, as a responsible homeowner, to have your roof inspected after every hailstorm that hits your home. Don’t base your decision to have the roof inspected on what you think you know about hail, or roofing. Just have a professional come out and take a look. It costs you nothing, might prevent something, and protects your everything!

What Happens After I File an Insurance Claim?

The insurance claims process can be very confusing and intimidating. So you’ve been hit by storm damage and filed an insurance claim… now what?

Will my claim raise my insurance premiums?
The common misconception about insurance premiums is that they go up each time you open a claim for hail or wind damage. In fact, the insurance company raises claims based off the ZIP Code your property is located in.

As claims are filed in your ZIP Code (by anyone, not just you) the insurance company is forced to pay them out. This can sometimes result in higher premiums in different parts of the country.

Regardless of whether you decide to file a claim and replace your roof, your premiums will be affected by each storm that hits your area. That is why it makes sense to go through the process and replace your roof when it is damaged by a storm.

One thing you can do is upgrade to a Class 4 Impact resistant roof system. This will help to lower your insurance premiums.

What if the insurance company drops me?
Hopefully you are with a reputable insurance company, and this won’t be an issue. It is important to know that insurance companies have the right to drop a customer at any time for any reason.

This does not change the fact that they are responsible for covering damage that took place while your policy was active. What this means for you is that the insurance company can choose to drop you after filing a claim however, they will still be responsible for covering the damage to your property.

Is this common?
Most insurance companies don’t drop you for filing hail and wind claims as it is expected when you have a property located in an area that is susceptible to that type of storm. That is exactly what you pay them for. To pay for damage to your property after severe weather strikes.

How does my deductible work?
An insurance policy is a contract. It is an agreement between you and your chosen insurance provider which outlines how damage to your property will be covered monetarily.

Within that policy, a deductible is usually identified. This deductible is your portion of the replacement cost.

That means, you are responsible for paying out the deductible in the event your claim is paid out. i.e. (if your entire roof costs $10k and your deductible is $1k then the insurance company will pay your chosen contractor $9k for the $10k roof, and you will be responsible for paying your chosen contractor the additional $1k).

Trust the process!
You can’t prevent storm damage to your property but you can control how quickly and effectively it is remedied.
It’s important to have a roofing company you can trust has your best interests in mind. For an honest, reliable company call 720-336-0303 or visit

Is it legal for a roofing company to waive my deductible?

The short answer is no, it is absolutely not. If you, or anyone you know is working with a company who is claiming to “waive a deductible,” I’d strongly advise you tell them to get a new contractor.  

This is not only insurance fraud, but also against the law under Colorado Senate Bill 38.

While some companies may still advertise this deal, it is not permissible under Colorado law.

Your first thought may be that a company who is covering your deductible is a nice company to work with, but imagine what other illegal things they may do behind closed doors.

A company who is willing to break the law in order to make a sale is not a company anyone should trust with their valuable home projects.

Honesty is becoming more of an issue each year in Colorado’s roofing industry.  Fortunately, there are still good companies out there, such as MB².   

After all, you’re paying a lot of money to your insurance company to make sure you’re covered when the storm hits.  You don’t want a contractor who willingly commits insurance fraud with your name tied to their actions. 

Not to mention, when a deductible is absorbed by a contractor, the insurance company has the right to come after not only the contractor, but also the homeowner.  The homeowner is always responsible to some extent.

You should never be left in a worse situation after signing a contract.  We’re here to help bring your property back to pre-loss condition and keep your investments in top-condition.  

For an honest company, who’s been doing things the right way for over 20 years, call MB² at 720-336-0303 or visit


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